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May 7, 2010

From the Start

Jessica and Gail were once enemies. Well, not so much enemies as “frenemies.” Okay, so we were in 4th grade, what more do you expect? We bonded over lunch back then, in our school cafeteria, which ironically Gail got married in 18 years later. We thought we were so cool by brining in our lunches each day…more specifically by bringing in salads. Oh how we loved our salads and our 10 containers of bacon bits, cheese, carrots and whatever else we could steal from our fridge.
Over the years we changed, we moved, we got married, we are career women and one of us is a mom. Still, we remain bonded over lunch and talk to each other each day about what is on our menu for this all important meal. More than lunch, we now talk about our menu at home. What to feed the husband, ourselves and the kids for dinner. We want to bring you on our adventure of food, of friendship and of bonding over a table with your loved ones…or frenemies.