Chocolate Chip Banana Cake

I know you will be gracious with me and excuse my complete lack of postings for this week.

For another grand new recipe adventure, I made a nice twist on an old favorite. I love banana muffins. I love them so much, in fact, I served them at my wedding. YUM. I came across a recipe for a chocolate chip banana cake from Good Things Catered. Yes and Yes.

  1. anything with chocolate chips in it gets made in our house.
  2. I love the chocolate and banana combo. Yes yes yes.

I didn’t remember to take a picture when I baked it but I took one of the single remaining slice. Which will get eaten, I’m quite positive, as soon as the husband gets home from the office.

The recipe makes a single 9″ layer and suggests you top it with buttercream frosting. Which, I am sure, is delicious but I didn’t have time to whip that up so I opened the can of chocolate frosting that was staring me in the face and went at it.

So good. I suggest making it for a brunch or some sort of morning affair.


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