Why plan your menu

Honestly, i didn’t do this until I got married. Mostly because I can survive on cereal and salad. Most men, however, can’t. And though Jason loves to cook, without a definite plan of what we will cook we’re likely to end up at Chick-fil-a.

I wanted to write a quick something-something about why we menu plan. Planning a menu is the best way to avoid the 5.30 “i have no idea what we are going to eat today, let’s just go to Mcdonalds.” Okay, sidenote, we love McDonalds and Chick-fil-a and every other take out place. We do, trust us. However, our bank accounts don’t love them. Nor do our cardiologists. So menu planning it is.

“Menu Planning” is just thinking, ahead of time, about what you will eat. LIke ahead of time enough so you can buy what you need to make it. Jess and Gail usually talk about it on Mondays for M-F but you can do it anytime.

Since neither Gail nor Jessica are millionaires (which, we wont’ lie, we would love to be) or cardiologist (though we did get A’s in Mr. Berwager’s 9th grade science class) we need to rein in the spending/heart defects. As an added benefit to saving money and your figure, there are all kinds of studies about how eating as a family is good for you. (i’ll link later, but trust us on this). So menu planning saves you money, saves your health and it just may save your sanity.

BONUS: Jessica is a coupon queen so she’s likely to posts TONS about couponing. Gail is  a nerd so she is likely to post nerdy things about food.


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